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Sagrantino Montefalco Passito D.O.C.G.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Sagrantino 100%.

HARVEST TIME: Last two-thirds of October

DRYING: The grapes are dried (“appassite”) in a naturally aired out environment on matting for at least 40 days.

VINIFICATION: Maceration on the skins for at least 10 days with a fermentation temperature between 26ºC and 28º C;
Followed by refinement in small French bay oak barrels for at least 12 months.

AGING: 36 months in total, scheduled by the production regulations in the following order:
  • 12 months in French bay oak barrels (barriques and tonneaux);
  • 12 months in steel;
  • 12 months in bottles.

COLOUR: Intense ruby red with pomegranate hues.

BOUQUET: Typical ripe fruit spores with noticeable marmalade overtones, prune and cherry, all enriched by overtones of vanilla, cinnamon and other species typical of the variety.

TASTE: Full-bodied wine, with an ample structure, long aromatic persistence, with a typical tannic end accompanied by an enjoyable sweetness.

IDEAL WITH: Typically coupled with important roast dishes, such as lamb and also sweets with a dark chocolate base.

EVOLUTION: A wine that ages very well in the bottle, it can age for many years, notably improving its quality.

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